Autumn's Anthem: Celebrating Fearless Female Artists

As the season heralds the start of falling leaves, it also ushers in the celebration of International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate the remarkable female voices defining today’s music scene. Join us in applauding Topsify’s leading ladies: from the iconic Dua Lipa to rising stars like Issey Cross, Griff, and Charli XCX.

Dua Lipa 

The sensational global pop icon, boasting three GRAMMY® Awards and six BRIT Awards, is igniting the year with her electrifying new single, 'Training Season,' a tantalizing glimpse into her eagerly awaited upcoming album. Delving into the essence of her latest creation, Dua reveals that she had been on 'a string of bad dates', with the latest one being the final straw. Emphasizing her tiredness of constantly having to instruct men on dating etiquette, Dua’s new track symbolizes the personal growth each terrible dating experience has given her - we’ve all been there!

Issey Cross

English musician Issey Cross has just unveiled her latest single, 'Sleepwalking', on February 23rd alongside UK-based rapper Songer, acclaimed for his recent hit 'Toxic'. Anchored by Issey’s heartfelt lyrical expression, 'Sleepwalking' portrays the experience of coping with hardship while trying to maintain an outward façade. The track is soothing and embodies a yearning for refuge, whether that's a physical space, an emotional state, or a loving human - the song seeks a retreat that shields from the weight of external pressures and societal judgment.


Self-taught musician and rising pop princess, Griff, has just released her latest single, ‘Miss Me Too’. With its first play becoming BBC Radio 1’s hottest record, Griff is set to start her tour across the globe, singing her latest euphoric, existential lullaby to fans all over. Delving into the journey of rediscovering yourself, Griff’s new song describes the little-discussed irony of losing confidence as you grow older and supposedly wiser. In just its debut day, the track soared past 350k streams across major listening platforms. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Griff delighted fans overnight by announcing ‘Ver2igo Vol.2,', set to release on April 5th. Evolving from her unique Chinese-Jamaican roots to claiming BRIT’s Rising Star winner, Griff’s unique style and sound invites listeners into a realm of self-discovery this Autumn.

Charli XCX

Following her much-anticipated, Tik-Tok viral Boiler Room rave dubbed ‘Party Girl’, the electrifying sound of electro-pop icon, Charli XCX, has returned with a new single. Produced by EASYFUN, ‘Von dutch’, teases the vibrant essence of her forthcoming album, ‘BRAT’. Having shattered the record for the highest number of RSVPs ever recorded for a Boiler Room event, Charli XCX has ignited a frenzy, with listeners now extremely hyped to immerse themselves in the pulsating beats of her upcoming album. With a commitment to breaking barriers, Charli XCX emerges as an icon of musical innovation, and we’re eagerly awaiting the inevitable takeover of the Charli XCX revolution.