Oceans apart – how fashion blogger Holly Estelle and her mum make distance work

Long distance relationships are hard enough, but being oceans apart from your mum? Challenging to say the least.

But for Kiwi fashion blogger Holly Estelle and her mum, Jean, a long-distance mother-daughter relationship is their reality, with Holly based in Auckland, and Jean in Singapore.

How lucky is it, then, that technology has allowed us to remain close no matter the distance, meaning motherly advice is only a phone call away.

To celebrate Mother’s Day and the launch of the ultimate wellness accessory, the new Fitbit Versa, we asked Holly and her mum how they make the distance work for them.

What are three things that you and your mum have in common – be it physical traits, a talent, mannerisms, likes or dislikes?
J: We both love old movies and everything and anything with music. We saw ‘Cats’ together live in Auckland when Holly was little and as soon as we came out of the theatre, I went straight to the ticket counter and bought us tickets to see it again the following night!
H: Mum has a unique and expressive sense of style, something I have always admired and taken inspiration from to refine into my own. I remember sitting on the floor of her wardrobe looking up at racks of beautiful fabrics, and her heels perfectly lined along the wall. She has always sought out unique fabrics, accessories and colours to express her personality. We both are not afraid to try something new!
J: And perhaps thirdly, we both love the ocean, but the cold, crisp water means it takes us ages to inch into the water for a swim - even in the middle of summer!

What has your mum taught you about leading a healthy, balanced life?
H: Everything! Growing up, mum never ate any form of fast food. A healthy, balanced diet was a big part of our lifestyle and something I have carried through into my adult years. Mum taught me to try and stay out of the aisles and keep to the fresh fruit, meat and bakery sections. Whenever I visit our beach house I make sure I go for a big long walk. Mum has always told me that the sea air was full of ions to help with mood, detoxify the body and clear the mind. Plus, the beach there reminds me of her. 
What does “wellness” mean to both of you?
J: Wellness is being a kind person to others, to yourself, your mind and body, to animals and to our environment. We are all connected in various forms and functions, so we have a big responsibility to achieve wellness as best we can. 
H: For me, wellness is about being happy. Over the last few years I have focused my energy on creating a happiness that is true to me. I surround myself with the right people, focus on the parts of my life I am grateful for and keep my dreams alive. 

Your mum lives in Singapore, when you visit her, what is the first thing you girls get up to?
H: I taxi straight from the airport to the local cafe where mum is parked up outside with coffees and almond croissants. We spend at least an hour or so chatting about all of life's updates. I usually power through the jet lag while mum shows me a few of her new favourite spots before making our way to one of her favourite places for a cocktail, then venture out for some far less expensive but delicious street food.
J: We love to 'Happy Talk' (a term from one of our favourite movies, South Pacific). Coffee-ing can take a while as I ask for endless details and explanations. Even though we talk regularly on the phone, I need to hear all about everything live - face to face again!
One for Jean – what piece of advice would you give Holly as she continues her online success, amazing career in the media world and paving her way in fashion?
J: Be mindful of others online, be careful examining content for facts vs opinions and be 100% authentic with your own content. Read the NEWSPAPER! Keep on making the most of your career work and your own personal online work. And of course, remember family and friends will always be the most important of all.
Another one for Jean – what has been your proudest moment of Holly? 
J: When she finished her degree, as there was a little turbulence along that journey! And I’ve been so proud, when she has been there for me with her love, support and insight during hard times in my life. I am enormously proud every time I read a new blog post. Her writing style is unique and personable - I remember one of her teachers commenting how he could always tell it was a 'Holly Lindsey essay’ by the style and its ‘Hollyisms’!
What’s the biggest adventure you two have been on together?
H: We travelled to America together when I was younger - mum was travelling for work and I joined her visiting the elementary schools across West Virginia.
J: This holiday was the first time Holly saw that the world was a big place – and so began her love of travel. I visited Holly on the slopes in Colorado which turned the tables on the mother-daughter relationship! I have it on video Holly yelling at me “Mum slow down!” as I zoomed down a slope a little out of control - my second time ever on skis!
H: I would have to say that our little adventures each time I visit her in Singapore are the most valuable and memorable. Every minute is spent doing the things we love and although I only go a few times a year, this time makes me so grateful.
One of the hero features of the Fitbit Versa is contactless payment, simply sync up your credit card to the Fitbit app and you can pay on the go, anywhere. How is this feature helpful when it comes to keeping abreast of fashion trends?
H: The handbags! I’m all about mixing fast fashion with statement accessories. But, I often fall in love with smaller less practical bags. I either try jamming my wallet in and spend the night clasping it back together, or leave my loose cards floating around. But the new Fitbit Versa and matching app takes away the stuffed bag and loose card woes, meaning I can spend less time ferreting around in my bag and more time shopping!

Inspiring us and our loved ones to live our best lives, the newly minted Fitbit Versa is available in three fashion-forward and two special edition colours, along with either a Small or Large wristband.

The latest launch from the global health and fitness brand, this smartwatch is fitted with a 4+ day battery, offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring, phone-free music, apps, coaching, and more.

Consider the new Fitbit Versa your ultimate wellness companion, and the perfect pressie to help mum achieve her health and wellness goals this Mother’s Day.

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