Shooting for perfection

Cloudy Bay's Pinot and Duck Tasting Trail has returned for 2017!

If you have never tried duck and Pinot Noir, or just need to be reminded of how wondrous it is, then The Cloudy Bay Duck and Pinot Noir Tasting Trail is the direction you will be heading this month. For the month of May and coinciding with the opening of duck shooting season - this infallible food and wine match is showcased via 30 top chefs around the country. The Tasting Trail features a signature duck dish designed to complement the Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2014 or the Te Wahi Central Otago Pinot Noir 2014. Wine and food enthusiasts will be able to purchase each bespoke pairing at a set price from some of New Zealand’s most sought after eateries.

But why does duck and Pinot work so well? A premium Pinot Noir has a balanced structure with a delicate floral bouquet. Elegant cherry and wild berry flavors. Soft acidity and savory earthy notes. The Cloudy Bay 2014 and Te Wahi Central Otago 2014 Pinot Noir demonstrate true Pinot flair and all its complexities. It lifts the duck's delicate gamey savor. The bright touch of acid in the wines cleanse the ducks richness and enhance the depth of the whole experience.

Hungry yet?

For the full list of participating restaurants and bespoke duck and Pinot pairings head here