Nuzest's award-winning supplement is now available in bar form

There’s a new bar in town - of the snacking kind – and we’re chomping at the bit to get our fix. Remix’s founder Tim Phin swears by Nuzest’s flagship Good Green Vitality powder  – Best Supplement in the Remix Lifestyle Awards  –  for supporting energy, immunity, anti-ageing, and stress year-round. So, naturally, when the brand announced that they were launching Good Green Vitality Bars, he was all ears...

A potent nutritional boost for busy people on-the-go, the new plant-based bars are made from a delicious mix of superfoods, fruit, veg, and nuts; fortified with a powerful blend of nutrients. Packing a nutritional punch, Good Green Vitality bars contain a whopping 20+ essential vitamins and minerals, pre and probiotics, enzymes, and adaptogens to support good health across the board - from immunity, digestion, and gut health to healthy ageing, energy, and cognition. 

As the name might suggest, the first-of-their-kind multivitamin bars are based on the brand’s Good Green Vitality powder which – according to a cohort of professional athletes, dieticians, and our very own faithful leader, Tim – is the holy grail of supplements. Don’t just take their word for it though, 100,000+ Remix readers voted the powder as the ‘Best Supplement’ in the Remix Lifestyle Awards 2021, so you know it lives up to the hype.

It’s no secret that Nuzest have been killing the supplement game since 2012, but we’re calling it: this is their greatest innovation yet. Between busier-than-ever schedules, maintaining work/life balance, and our increasing reliance on convenience foods – not to mention the current pandemic through which we’re all living – global health isn’t exactly in tip-top shape, and getting the proper nutrition to fuel our frenetic pace of life is often the first thing to slip down the priorities list. 

Good Green Vitality bars are Nuzest’s answer. Developed locally and to the highest possible quality, the bars are a one-stop salve to our on-the-go lifestyles – packing all of the essential vitamins and minerals into a handy pocket-sized snack to make it simpler (and let’s be honest, more enjoyable) than ever to top up your nutrients on the go. 

The smallest changes to your daily routine can have the biggest impact, and by adding these nutritional knockouts to your snack draw you can be sure to keep your health in check and your taste buds satisfied, all-the-while looking, feeling, and performing your best.