This new type of chocolate is millennial pink!

The chocolate gods have been cooking something so decadent and so unique, that it has taken them a decade to release this marvellous creation... 

The chocolate god, or a so-called Swiss chocolate maker - has invented a new chocolate that is in fact millennial pink. Before you freak out about the artificial colouring and flavouring, let us reassure you that this chocolate is surprisingly a natural colour infused with a natural berry flavour. The inventors who are based in Zurich, have named this pink prized possession as "ruby chocolate".

According to the CEO of the Swiss company, the creation has been ten years in the making and is crafted from a special cocoa bean which provides the chocolate with its signature sweet yet tangy berry taste. These beans come from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil and the colour pink is a powder that is extracted during the processing. He also states that its indulgent and unique attributes are ones that entice millennials.

See ya later avo smash, hello ruby chocolate!

The company said it should be available worldwide very soon, and we are hoping for it to be on our shelves by next Valentine's Day. Imagine pink chocolate hearts and creamy pink hot chocolate and... okay, we'll stop there before we get too worked up. 

Image credits: Bloomberg