Kourtney Kardashian launches new lifestyle website POOSH

The diminutive member of the Kardashian clan has finally launched her new lifestyle website, POOSH. With topics such as turmeric, ‘clean beauty’, and the trials and tribulations of motherhood, Kourtney Kardashian has curated popular content that will resonate with a large demographic of readers. Boasting the tagline, “POOSH the boundaries,” POOSH already offers a plethora of content which will feel distinctively familiar to anyone in touch with the world of beauty and lifestyle blogging. There's recipes, fitness, skincare, wellness tips; a rounded and wholesome host of tried-and-tested blogging material, but through a Kardashian lens.


This ‘Kardashian lens’ is part of what makes POOSH so enjoyable. Scrolling through, it’s fun to entertain the idea of $120 silk pillowcases, purchased for the sole purpose of a ‘relaxing night in’. It can make an everyday person feel an edge more elite, reading about the best of organic wines while pondering the prospect of a $1,600 infrared amethyst biomat. Sure, there is escapism and exclusivity (a $500 coffee table book, anyone?). Yet there is something so profoundly earnest about POOSH and its offerings. From Kris Jenner’s famous brownie recipe, to DIYs, to tips to tapping into spirituality, Kourtney has cultivated something with an authentic voice. The lifestyle of the Kardashians suddenly seems somewhat more relatable - a little less distant from us mere mortals.


Many of POOSH’s articles are shoppable; queue dangerous territory for you and your bank account. Overall, POOSH is a cute, informative, and aesthetically-pleasing website to peruse with a glass of organic vino in hand and a *cough* affordable face treatment (perhaps not Kourt's $480 hyaluronic serum of choice). POOSH will have you feeling incredibly broke, or incredibly boujee; but undeniably, there is something there for everyone.



Imagery sourced from POOSH.