KFC releases vegan fried chicken 

I am by no means a perfect vegetarian. I tend to refer to my eating habits as ‘flexitarian’ whereby I avoid meat where I can, and when I do eat it - I attempt to get it from somewhere that puts at least a small amount of effort toward sourcing it ethically and sustainably. This tends to work pretty well for me, where I manage to subdue any crazy lingering cravings my body may have that will drive me to the brink of insanity. Except one... I simply cannot stop thinking about KFC. 

The strangest part of the whole thing is I wasn’t even a KFC eater before I tried to kick meat to the curb. But now, in some devilish sorcery, there is a large chunk of my brain dedicated to constant daydreaming about diving headfirst into a bucket of wicked wings. You can honestly ask me at any single point in the day whether I would like to wolf down a few of those tantalising chicken pieces, and I probably won’t be able to answer you, because I’ll already be eating it. 

So, finally (well almost) KFC has answered my, and many others in the same boats prayers. They are making strides towards addressing this (very serious) issue, by trialling Beyond Meat vegan fried ‘chicken’ in Atlanta. At this stage, they will be offering the variety as either wings or nuggets, which makes sense as I’m not sure the amount of intricacy involved in reconstructing a bone out of fake meat. 

They have reported, that for the time being at least, the vegan chicken will be cooked alongside the real chicken - which will be a deterrent for the diehard vegans, but a good option for the flexi’s like me. So I’ve got my wicked wings crossed that these come to NZ ASAP.