Invite a spring spruce into your humble abode

The changing of the seasons calls for a change in decor. It's that time of year again when we banish the dark and dense colours that we so often associate with colder weather and bring in a fresh breath of light to our interiors. Bathe your space in the hues of spring with mellow yellows, forest greens and neutral tones for a calm and collected entrance into the season of growth. 

An actual ray of sunshine, this space screams spring spruce. Rounded decor combined with soft yellow hues and earthy tones creates a soft environment to sit back, relax and watch the leaves turn green in. PRO TIP: When creating your dream interior palette, don't forget about the tone of your floors. Resene have used the new RESENE 'We Speak Beach' in 'Breathe Easy', a series of colour wash hues inspired by hazy days at the beach. 

Wall painted in RESENE Marzipan with stripes in RESENE Half Buttermilk, floor finished in RESENE Colorwood Breathe Easy all from RESENE COLORSHOPS. Artemide buffet from BRADFORDS INTERIORS. Camaleonda sofa Designed By Mario Bellini in Sambuco White, ClassiCon vase in Amber, Cappellini Bong faux marble ottoman, all from MATISSE. Losange Ecru Rug, Geometry Stool (Black), Alburni Occasional Table and Clarine Table Lamp, all from LIGNE ROSET. Givenchy 4g Xbody Bag, Loewe Scented Candle in Honeysuckle, Loewe Basket Bag in Natural/Tan, Loewe Scented Candle in Honeysuckle, Hot Chick 100 Nude Heels, Stories Of Italy Macchia Su Macchia Flora Scented Candle, Ginori Lcdc The Companion (Il Seguace) Candle, all from FARADAYS. Junto white tea pot with milk and sugar, from MICHAEL JOYCE. Books from FATHER RABBIT. Flowers from GRACE AND FLORA. 

A4 drawdown paint swatches and testpots from left in RESENE Half buttermilk, RESENE Marzipan and RESENE Frontier all from RESENE COLORSHOPS.

Nothing screams spring like some nods to nature hidden within your treasures and trinkets. Here we have some elongated stems with little buds on the ends displayed as the centrepiece of the table. Showcasing some books with titles such as 'The Flowers' and 'Simplicity at Home', we're invited to think of spring within our space - a time of growth, renewal and warmth. 

Wall painted in RESENE Marzipan with stripes in RESENE Half Buttermilk all from RESENE COLORSHOPS. Artemide  buffet from BRADFORDS INTERIORS. Givenchy 4g XBody Bag, Loewe Scented Candle in Honeysuckle, from  FARADAYS. ClassiCon vase in Amber from MATISSE. Clarine Table Lamp from LIGNE ROSET. Books from FATHER  RABBIT. Flowers from GRACE AND FLORA.

Floor finished in RESENE Colorwood Breathe Easy from RESENE COLORSHOPS. Camaleonda sofa Designed By Mario Bellini in Sambuco White, from MATISSE. Losange Ecru Rug, Geometry Stool (Black) and Alburni Occasional Table, from LIGNE ROSET. Ginori Lcdc The Companion (Il Seguace) Candle, from FARADAYS. Junto white tea pot with milk and sugar, from MICHAEL JOYCE.  

The colour of growth, green has us entering the warmer months centred and in style. The stark contrast of colour, from a coral table to warm yellow walls, heroes the green and makes it the main character of the room while adding visual variations to the space. PRO TIP: Create a warm and refreshing palette with RESENE Half Buttermilk and RESENE Marzipan, offset with RESENE Frontier, a rustic casual green.

Front wall in RESENE Frontier and back wall in RESENE Marzipan with stripe in RESENE Half Buttermilk from RESENE COLORSHOPS. Structure Armchair from BRADFORDS INTERIORS. Vibrato Occasional Table from LIGNE ROSET. Rosenthal Domo vase in pink from MICHAEL JOYCE. Flowers from GRACE AND FLORA.

Styling Amber Armitage

Photography Wendy Fenwick at Flash Studios