Introducing Go Go Daddy's take-away lunch menu

Miracles don’t have to be big.   They can be little and arrive quietly and make your workday life immeasurably better, which is the case with Go Go Daddy Thai Canteen’s decision, finally, to create a take-away menu for lunch.

For anyone who knows the comfort of noodles, Go Go Daddy’s new tom yum noodles with stir-fried mushrooms is perfect for slurping away at your desk, quietly cursing your deadlines and trying not to audibly moan at the flavour-packed deliciousness.  It’s also vegetarian.  Many of the lunchtime dishes on the takeaway menu can also be easily rejigged for vegans, in fact, the vegan version of the green fish curry is outstanding.


We’ve always loved Go Go’s duck fried rice, where savoury duck pieces mingle with a sweet-and-sour pouring sauce - and now we can have it magically boxed up to take with us on the go.  Also appearing on the takeaway menu is the signature turmeric and coconut curry of slow-cooked beef and pickled mustard greens - and the stir-fried crispy chicken with Thai basil, wild ginger and bitter beans.

The beauty of Go Go Daddy’s Thai food is that it’s both fresh and fast. When we dropped by to road test the lunch menu we were in and out in record time, clutching paper bags of hot little boxes to our bodies, enjoying the wafting aroma of our coming lunch as we sped back to the office.


Oh, and best of all?  Winking at us from the bottom of the new takeaway menu is the dark chocolate mousse with coconut ice cream, salted caramel, fried bananas and candlenut praline.   This is the gooey, fudge-a-licious stuff of fevered dessert dreams.  And now, thanks to Go Go Daddy’s new lunchtime takeaway option, our favourite weekday pick-me-up can be surreptitiously enjoyed inside the safety of your office supply cupboard - whatever it takes to get through the week.