This girl is "extreme ironing" her way across the globe!

For most of us, ironing is the most mediocre and avoidable of domestic duties. But for Jessica Lawrence, ironing is a way of life. She's a fierce independent competitor in the bizzare world of extreme ironing - and she's not afraid to take her ironing to the perilous ends of the earth.


"Don't know about you, but Iron away from all goblins" - @lila.isabelle

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Jessica says her adventure began with a photo snapped of her and a board at Stonehenge. Since then, she's ironed her way across Iceland Glaciers, through NYC tunnels, atop skyscrapers, under hot springs, inside Hawaiian lava tubes and within the ancient Roman ruins of Lebanon. She's currently steaming across the landscapes of New Zealand's own South Island - seen below tackling creases in the idyllic Milford Sound.


Adventure is always worth it. ?: @trevor_cokley

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Why exactly?

"A lot of people ask why I extreme iron," Jessica says. "Don't you see the magic it creates?" She says she attempts to use ironing boards from the location that she's visiting, requesting a personal story to go along with the adventure.

But Jessica's by no means the only one taking her ironing to such extremes. Extreme ironing is a recognized extreme sport that according to the Extreme Ironing Bureau combines "the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." Since it became popular in Britain in the 90's, global competitors have successfully ironed on Mt Everest, under ice sheets of frozen lakes and whilst parachuting. An Extreme Ironing Championships was even held in Munich in 2002.

For Jessica, the sport has emerged as a "lifestyle choice". She hopes that extreme iron will be "a lifelong travel project for a girl and her ironing board." We say: full steam ahead!

Check out Jessica's Instagram here, or visit the extreme iron blog to help her pick her next ironing destination!

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