Five foodie Instagrams to follow now

Lacking inspiration in the kitchen? Stuck in a foodie rut? Or just plain love staring at photos of food when you reach for your phone during your mid-morning scroll? Then you're in luck! We trawled Instagram for our five favourite foodies you should follow, stat. From meringue magicians to the perfectly symmetrical breakfast dishes, these accounts are the ones you'll actually WANT to be spamming up your feed. 


Mandy Lee caught our eyes with her amazing food therapy gram, her love for dogs and most importantly, her striking skills that make her a culinary adventurer.  She serves up hilarious and sarcastic wit while showcasing her savvy cuisine.  Talk about a food goddess?!


Kathryn Taylor’s vibrant insta portfolio is a bold celebration of whole foods and vegetarian goodness.  Her wonderful cookbook holds so many ideas for breakfasts, salads, soups, dinners, and dessert recipes.  So crack on to it in the kitchen, I say!


Two identical breakfasts’s are symmetrically photographed on the bench.. two may you ask? Because this man cooks breakfast every morning for his husband! #couplegoals.


This guy’s account literally looks like a feast from heaven.  One look at his food and we can almost guarantee your mouth will start watering.  He focuses on all the hearty meals for the lads - a big juicy burger, creamy curry, perfectly cooked steak and spuds, he’s got it all!


This innovative and inspirational baking brand definitely screams girl power! Sugary and sweet goodness is created by Kiwi born Stacey O’Gorman and her partner in baking crime, Alex Hoffler.  Tall and brightly decorated cakes overly tempt us, and we cannot forget their famous meringues!