Experience SkyCity Metita’s To’ona’i Sunday Long Lunch with Chef Michael Meredith

Auckland’s dining scene is on par with the rest of the world. Like Auckland's population, we have a vast array of cultures represented within our cuisine repertoire. The recent addition to the culinary rotation is Michael Meredith’s newest venture - Metita.

Located in The Grand by SkyCity, Metita is named after his mother who inspired his love of food from an early age. Metita is an homage to both his mother and his Samoan heritage. Taking the comforting food of the Pacific and reimagining it through the lens of a prestigious career in some of the country's finest dining restaurants. Metita’s “uniquely Auckland” menu brings us a fusion of Pacific cuisine for the modern palette.

Metita has launched their To’ona’i Sunday long lunch, which encourages the diner to share and connect together with loved ones. Meredith explains, “In the Pacific, Sunday lunch is a big thing. It’s a day for rest, but normally we go to church on Sunday and we celebrate afterwards with what we call Toana'i, which is a long lunch, a feast. We wanted to translate into the concept of what Metita is. It's a set menu format. The menu is made to be shared — that's how we eat in the Pacific — and the whole idea is to change it regularly. We're trying to bring that Sunday feel a relaxing atmosphere — a family-style shared meal where you can come and celebrate.”

To experience the taste of the Pacific and the joys of Metita, gather your closest friends and family and book your table at the next To’ona’i Sunday long lunch.