Monday must-haves

The weather may be cooling down, but NZ designers and creators are on FIRE right now! Prepare to part with your whole pay check this week because you really 'must-have' everything for this May Monday if you're going to make it through the winter...


1. Deadly Ponies 'Pearlies'

Deadly Ponies has always made us feel like handbag princesses. Now they have opened the gates to East London's Pearly kingdom! 

Henry Croft (the original Pearly King) was a Cockney orphan street sweeper who collected money for charity in the 19th Century. He collected lost pearl buttons to fashion his now-celebrated Pearly suit. He established the Pearly society, a working-class organisation which to this day, helps the most underprivileged. The mother-of-pearl outfits worn by the Pearly Kings and Queens have inspired Deadly Ponies to not only create a bangin' new range featuring pearly buttons on their oh-so-soft deer nappa, lamb and woven felt, but also to donate to Lifewise - a New Zealand social development agency working to house the homeless. 

Proceeds from every Pearly Lucky Charm (pictured above) sold will go to Lifewise. We can't wait to look great and do our bit by supporting the new range! Check it out here. 


2. Macpac's new winter range


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For 40 years, Macpac has continued to impress us. The iconic NZ outdoor clothing and equipment brand is known for their innovation and quality. In recent years, they have also become known for their style. Yep, that's right. Macpac has found ways to actually make big waterproof jackets look good!

Macpac's Winter 2017 range develops further on the 2016 Urban Collection. Their goal is to combine fashion and function. So, whether you want to be the coolest Mum at infamously freezing Saturday netball, or be cosy and cute in your tramping grams, Macpac has you covered! 

The winter range lays on the layers - feather-light down vests, luxe hoodies and deliciously warm merino trackpants. We wish we could fit into the mini-me range too - why is it that the kids always get the best patterns?! We are also dying to take their new ski range in all its vibrant new colours for a swish this coming season. 

Get your hands on this fab new range before the cold truly sets in!


3. 'Pure Shade' by the NZ Sunscreen Company

New Zealand's brightest and best cosmetic and skincare chemists have joined forces to bring us Pure Shade! 

It's no secret that us Kiwis are subject to some of the harshest sunlight in the world, so we can definitely attest to the struggles of adding all-important sunscreen to our beauty routines (hello, chalky, greasy faces). The NZ Sunscreen Company has combined their brightest cosmetic and skincare chemists to bring us two wonderproducts! 

These products make up a 2 step skincare system that not only protects us from sun damage, but rejuvenates and nourishes our skin. The Moisturising Brightening SPF 50+ Sunscreen provides over 8 hours sun and broad spectrum protection in a lightweight, illuminating formula. The Moisturising Brightening Antipollution After Sun Repair is a nightcream which ultra-hydrates, repairs and tightens skin. It's also super unique because it changes the chemical composition of heavy metals in the environment so our skin does not absorb them. Amazing! Also, in using these products we can do away with other moisturisers, brightened and anti-aging lotions as this system covers all those bases, and rest easy knowing that it only uses natural, organic NZ ingredients. This is definitely a must-have for any Kiwi girl's beauty routine!


4. Karen Walker x Blunt Babou Umbrella 

Another thing New Zealand weather calls for (Wellington, this one's for you) is the world's toughest umbrellas! Kiwi design extraordinaires Blunt have created just that, and they have collab-ed for the second time with our very own global fashion empress Karen Walker to make their designs even cooler.

Blunt has trailblazed across the world with a bunch of super-prestigious product design awards. Their functionality and strength seems second to none on the umbrella market, even on a global scale. Blunt occasionally, and very selectively, collaborates to jazz up 'The World's Toughest Brollies'. This winter, Karen Walker has provided them with the coveted bird print from her new collection - Babou's Revenge. The collection is inspired by Salvador Dali's life in Manhattan and his pet ocelot, Babou.

This chic, fun printed umbrella is Blunt's 13th model ever and a welcome change amongst the black brollies that will canopy the streets in the coming rainy months.


5. Purotu Rose Parfum by Curio Noir

Curio Noir is one of New Zealand's best-kept secrets. Tiffany Jeans, the creator, has hand-crafted a range of bespoke perfumes and candles. She celebrates nature and simplicity, and honours her Maori heritage through her creations, which feel sacred and new, uncommon and exciting, all at the same time.

The latest addition to the Curio Noir range is a super-delicate perfume - Purotu Rose (The Handsome Rose). This fascinating perfume contains notes of rose otto, bitter orange, cumin, rose de mai, pink pepper, teak wood, haiti and java vetyver. Super pretty and interesting! Wear it Monday and have people curious all week.


Happy Monday!