Drumroll, Mr Hash Burger is back at Bird on a Wire

The burger scene has been booming over the past five years, so much so that rounding up a list of Auckland’s best burgers is no easy feat. There’s the classic beef burger, fried chook creations, sweet and savoury brioches and now one of the most popular burgers is back making the job that much harder. It’s a tough gig but we’ve done the testing for you. Burger gourmands rejoice, one of New Zealand’s most stacked and succulent sandwiches is back on the menu at Bird on a Wire: Mr Hash Burger - and it definitely ranks high on the list.  

The Mr Hash Burger flew out of the cage last year and subsequently, the Bird on a Wire team have brought this bird boy back due to popular demand.  Prepare your tastebuds, the wildly popular limited-time burger  will have you in foodie heaven with all its flavours and saucy flair. 

Drum roll please... The Mr Hash boasts a crispy hash brown, buttermilk fried chicken, BBQ sauce, candied bacon, tomato, pickled red onion, cos lettuce, cheddar cheese, fried onion and aioli. Then, just when you were needing a breath after taking that all in... beer battered chips also accompany the deservedly hyped Mr Hash.

Bird on a Wire is the home of free range chicken and top-notch quality ingredients, making for an easy choice amongst the burger noise. Alongside their popular baguettes and burgers, they also offer a mouth-watering selection of fresh sides and salads to takeaway (or eat in). 


This hashy stack is only on the menu for a limited time and lucky for us it has come post hot-girl-summer, so all the more reason to indulge!