Japan is building an epic spa tub theme park

Where sea meets mountain on Kyushu Island in Japan, one of the most relaxing geothermal  hot spring spa destinations in the world can be found – the city of Beppu. But in an intriguing new addition to the area, spa pools will soon be propelled sky high and shunted along tracks as part of the world’s first “spa-musement” park.

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The unique theme park will feature all the traditional rides like ferris wheels, carousels and rollercoasters, but with spa tubs instead of seats. It's also predicted to house steam-room arcades and a variety water features. All water will come from the powerful, 83,000-litre-a-minute hot springs beneath the city.

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The idea was first announced in November via a conceptual video released by town mayor Yasuhiro Nagano, who promised that he would build the park if he received a million views. Just four days after its release, the video had received 1.8 million views - and plans for the park were underway.

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Should the spa-musement park meet its projected completion date, you’ll be able to indulge in this ultimate, (somewhat paradoxical) leisure meets adrenaline holiday by July 29th. Mayor Nagano is trying to increase annual tourist numbers for Beppu from 400,000 a year to 40 million by 2020, and hopes the spa-musement park will encourage this boost.