Hot damn: Mexico's new line of hot sauces to take home

MexicoHotSauce(3) Popular haunt Mexico has now introduced a range of take-home chilli sauces to cater to your spice needs at every whim. I'm personally ecstatic at the thought of being able to add head chef Javier's expertly crafted sauces to my own creations. Hot sauce on eggs for breakfast? Tick. Make that chicken not so bland? Tick. Spice up your life? Tick. Ok, I'll stop now. The four sauces in question range from subtly warm to blow-your-head-off hot. The chipotle number would be suitable for those with a lesser chilli threshold, packed full of smokey flavour. The second is handsome green concoction of tomatillo, made from green habaneros and toasted fennel seeds, which lends a perfect savoury note to the otherwise punchy depth of flavour. Third in the line up is a surprisingly sweet and refreshing sauce, made from mango with hints of coconut, yellow scotch bonnet jazzed up with earthy cardamon and ginger; it's that perfectly balanced sweet and hot that gives this sassy sauce top marks. And finally, just to up the ante, a bright red habanero sauce completes this handsome array; while entirely explosive on first taste, it subtly cools off thanks to the addition of palm sugar, pink peppercorns and refreshing eucalyptus. Incredible flavour and cool packaging to boot, I suggest you act quick smart and say 'hola' to your new Mexican fridge friends.
Words by Lauren Matilda Matthews