What to buy your mum for Christmas

Mum’s are pretty spesh. So to show her you appreciate all that she does for you, why not treat her to something she actually wants this year. There's no denying that mums are notoriously hard to buy for, they have almost everything they want and also become hyper-selective about what they like. But the secret is buying her something she never knew she needed...and we have you covered. 

Here are a few suggestions that mum won't hate with the fire of a thousand suns, and will secure your 'favourite child' status for at least a week or two... 


Cocktail Gift Box from Cook & Nelson

Tea Set by Tiffany & Co 

Biodegradable Skin Care Pillowslip

by Kovrd 

Tennis Bracelet by Jewellers Workshop

The ultimate gift of luxury, a sparkling tennis bracelet is a bucket-list gift to receive. Jewellers Workshop craft the finest bespoke jewellery and the famed tennis style is one of their specialties.

Fitness Gift Set from Lorna Jane 

Pavé Heart and Angel Wings Necklace from Pandora 

Christmas Kit from Murad

 Prosecco by Brown Brothers

Saddle Bag by Dior 

Moon & Night Sky Charm from Pandora 

Royal Dynasty Gift Set by ghd


Flip 5 Portable Speaker from JBL

Candle Set by Downlights NZ 

Joico K-Pak Gift Bag 

Blunt Umbrella x Stolen Girlfriends Club 

Celestial Stars Earrings from Pandora 

Veuve Clicquot Pencil Yellow Label & Rosé

Karen Walker Dog Collar 


Omega Timepiece from Partridge Jewellers