Dress for Success: Do a random act of likeness this week

Paying someone a simple compliment can completely make their day, and the team at the non-profit organisation, Dress for Success have helped make compliments this week not only a lovely act of kindness, but also a way to donate to a good cause. Until this Saturday, for every Facebook 'like' that the Random Acts of Likeness Facebook page gains, corporate partners will donate a dollar to Dress for Success. For anyone unaware of the amazing work Dress for Success does. They provide interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide. The campaign is also encouraging people to commit real world random acts as well as sharing virtual compliment throughout the week. Whether it’s buying an extra cup of coffee for a colleague or saying hi to the person who works in accounts. On the Random Acts of Likeness Facebook page, they've created a ‘Like Card’ for users to share, to increase visibility of this amazing cause and so people can spread the feel-good factor for all to experience. Head here to do your good-deed for the morning by flicking them a like.