What your summer drink of choice says about you... 

As someone very wise (me) once said, Friday arvo drinks are the window to the soul, and it’s the perfect opportunity to put your best foot forward in the company of friends and colleagues.

But in order to flourish, you have to nourish, and whether or not you are able to put your very best foot forward will depend entirely on what bev you have in hand. You can tell a lot about someone from their favourite drink choice. Salary? Social Status? Murderer? Don’t believe us, read on… 

Aperol Spritz

You’re a summer-loving, business-savvy individual that wants to have fun, but get things done. 

Relatively low alcohol, and undeniably #classy, this is a great drink for those who like to #HaveFunButGetThingsDone. 


You love pink, and are a bit basic (in a good way). 

It’s basically diVINE intervention that this varietal happens to be pink, and it raises a classic chicken and egg predicament, what came first? Rosé being basic or basics drinking rosé. Whatever the case, the cycle is now complete, and it has transcended into a series of unfortunate hashtags and IG captions like #WakeSlayRosé

Frozen Margarita 

Every Instagram caption you’ve ever done includes some derivative of “with the best”.

The frozen margarita is reserved solely for those whos most risque move is scanning avocados through as carrots at the Countdown self check out. 


You don’t really like wine, but want to pretend. 

The perfect drink if you prefer for your wine to be palatable to a small child. Fake it til you make it!


Your drink of choice doesn’t alter regardless of it being -3 or 33 degrees.

It’s easy, it’s uncomplicated, you sip, you swallow, then you drink some more. 

A shoey

You are sustained solely on Mi Goreng and spaghetti in a can.

There is also a high-chance you hold the Southern Hemisphere record for the most Fanta’s consumed in an hour. 

Bloody Mary’s 

You enjoy pain.

If you think spicy, peppered water is delicious, then this one’s for you. 

Vodka Lime & Soda 

"Fresh lime only please!" 

Those who drink it are to be simultaneously feared and admired. 

Gin & Tonic

You're here for a good time AND a long time. 

No longer a signal of middle-class alcoholism, gin and tonics are having a moment. 

Long Island Iced Tea 

You're here for a good time... and a short time. 

The universal signifier that you're here to get white girl wasted.