Allpress Espresso Opens at the Auckland International Terminal

There is no better feeling than heading to the airport with the knowledge you are about to embark on an international expedition. But after an hour of sitting in the Airport roadworks traffic and the mad dash through bag check, then waiting in the customs queue, only to have your bag pulled aside and security checked, the excitement starts to fade. You finally make it through the arduous parts of the airport experience and all you need is a moment to sit in peace while the aircrew prepare your plane.

Renowned coffee roasters, Allpress Espresso have just opened the doors to their very own spot within the Auckland Airport international terminal, bringing you the comfort of home before you depart on your adventure, or a familiar brew if you are arriving back on New Zealand soil. Recognised globally for their signature hot air roasted coffee and commitment to iconic flavour, Allpress are thrilled to bring their specialty blends and signature café experience to the bustling airport environment.

Partnering with Kiwi designer Deidra Hodgson, and Project Manager Phil Llewellyn of PDC, the team have created a world-class coffee space that celebrates New Zealand culture, incorporating the best of Allpress design, as well as signature espresso blends such as the iconic Allpress Espresso Blend and the darker, chocolatey A.R.T. Espresso Roast. Combined with a full suite of retail for travellers to take the iconic flavour experience with them, their latest space is the complete Allpress experience – an ode to their beautiful cafés around the world.

“We are delighted to be a part of the vibrant atmosphere at Auckland International Airport. Our aim is to provide travellers with a moment of comfort and pleasure through our signature flavour and a warm and welcoming café environment. We look forward to sharing our passion for specialty coffee with a new audience and hope to become their go-to coffee spot at the airport.” CEO of Allpress Espresso, Adrienne Roberts.