Crawly, Not Creepy

Morpho Godarti ART copy Words by Steven Fernandez A young creative Auckland duo by the name Crawlers has started making a name for themselves with a unique little business. Crawlers create butterfly artworks, dome displays, as well as framed beetles and bats, for your office, home or as the perfect gift. Based in Ponsonby, Auckland, Crawlers creators Matt and Dan soften, spread, shape, pin and frame all of the insects in their artwork. They also design new and unique pieces that have never been seen before in New Zealand, such as real hanging or flying bats and fighting scorpions, all enclosed in glass dome displays. Most importantly, Crawlers guarantee that all insects used are either captive bred free range harvested or from sustainable management, reducing exploitation of the ecosystem. All insects are imported freeze-dried, nothing alive or endangered is ever used by Crawlers. Keen to find out more about Crawlers to jazz up your home or office space? Click here to visit them online to see more of their work and to find your nearest stockist! Then like them on Facebook to keep up with their latest creations!