This Chinese city has turned rainbow bright for spring

While New Zealand readies itself for a cool autumn, a spectacular celebration of spring is underway in Chengdu, southwest China. An expansive "flower sea" has been created from windmills and flowers, arranged in picturesque rainbow patterns across Haonongren Organic Farm.

Thousands of visitors have flocked to the farm to stroll down a central, petal-laden corridor. The display utilizes 400,000 bright, plastic windmills, 20 different species of roses and thousands of other spring flowers to create a floral vista like no other. The theme of the event, according to event workers, is simple."Enjoy the flowers, enjoy the windmills."

Haonongren Organic Farm's flower sea is part of Chengdu city's month-long Spring Festival, which also features a panda lantern show, food fairs and 282 cultural performances. Last year the city attracted close to 500,000 visitors with a Light Rose Garden installation made from 25,000 LED roses.

Check out aerial shots of the flower-sea in this video.