Behind the scenes of Toto Pizza: In conversation with Auckland’s metre-long pizza pioneers

If all else fails, we’ll always have the humble pizza to fall back on. Although there's much debate on personal topping choices (we’re looking at you pineapple), the Italian delicacy is a consistent crowd-pleaser, delighting both the eyes and stomach. At the cheesy heart of it all? None other than Toto Pizza, the home of iconic authentic Italian metre-long pizzas.

Feeding the masses since 1993, the award-winning restaurant is still helmed by the original owners, Naples-born duo Antonio Crisci and Sergio Maglione. They say creating a great pizza means working from the bottom up - and they’re not exaggerating. The moment you order a pizza is the moment Toto’s dough emerges from its solitude to rise to the needs of any occasion, large or small. toto's pizza parma

A carb-lover’s dream sums it up. Can’t decide between your chosen top two? Toto offers the option to go half and half to combine the best of - think a mix between the Classic Margherita and the iconic Parma. 

toto's pizza

For a taste of “authenticita di Napoli’, the iconic metre-long pizzas are the go-to for stress-free soirées and happy bellies. Wanting to gain the inside scoop on the Italian fare, Remix recently sat down with the connoisseurs behind it all, Antonio and Sergio. 

What Toto pizza flavour is the most popular?

Antonio: Whilst each flavour has its own dedicated followers, overall our classic margherita is the most popular.

totos pizza marg

With pizza always a hot commodity, how do you ensure Toto's pizza stands out authentically from the rest?

Sergio: We do not compromise on the quality and authenticity of our ingredients – we source a variety of our ingredients such as our cured meats and the Parmigiano cheese direct from Italy, combining them with the best in fresh produce and dairy products from New Zealand – bringing together the best of both worlds.

toto's meats used

Antonio: For example – our mozzarella is made in New Zealand using the best local ingredients with traditional italian techniques.

Besides pizza, Toto also has an extensive menu of Italian delicacies. What is your favourite from the menu? 

Antonio: Our Salami & Potato Croquettes are my usual go-to “on the go” bite – quickly prepared in five minutes.

croquettes Toto

Sergio: Champagne Ham Panini & Parmigiana, always. 

Are there any exciting future plans for Toto? 

Antonio: Sharing our pizza to more people in more places than ever before – stay tuned.

Sergio: We relaunched Toto on 24 May 2019 and throughout Covid we persevered – staying open as much as possible, we came out the other end stronger and better positioned. Whilst Covid-19 was best described as a “learning experience”, in our minds we like to think that we can return to our original track and trajectory – planning and executing on present growth opportunities.

Are there any unique ingredients you would like to optimise on your pizzas in the future? 

Antonio: Our dough is truly unique. Our double levitation dough is light to the taste and easy to digest.

Sergio: As it goes – it’s a bit needy, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting things right. We are constantly honing our technique, striving for consistency and fine tuning our fermentation technique. We are always on the lookout for new local and imported ingredients.

Wanting to get your (metre-long) pizza fix? You can either dine-in at Toto’s Hardinge St premises, or takeaway. Order online at