Beautiful garden getaways

Whether it’s admiration, relaxation with a picnic or inspiration in art and fashion, people visit gardens for many reasons. These following gardens have us dreaming of beautiful spring florals, the warm sun kissing our cheeks, and a sweet-smelling aroma filling our senses: 

The Butchart Gardens, Canada

Butchart Gardens (Canada)

These gardens have been in bloom since 1904 and received over a million visitors each year. With six areas to visit each focusing on a different theme, including Rose, Japanese and Italian gardens, The Butchart Gardens are a feast for the eyes!

Miracle Garden, Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden

Launched on Valentines Day in 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden is nothing short of amazing! Spread over 72,000 square metres and featuring over 109 million planted flowers, this garden is the largest of its kind. Venturing through the garden visitors will come across a floral clock, an indoor butterfly park, heart-shaped floral archways, flower peacocks, and incredibly colourful flower beds. 

Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens (Netherlands)

If you have a love for tulips and all flowers bright and colourful, Keukenhof is the garden for you! Also known as the Garden of Europe, this garden blooms more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths every year from March to May. Not only can visitors walk through these exquisite gardens, but they can view the blooming flower beds from boats which glide through the Dutch landscape.

Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand 

Hamilton Gardens

Based on the banks of the Waikato River and hosting over 2000 events a year, the Hamilton Gardens is a popular place for tourists and locals to visit. The site features 21 gardens representing the different art, beliefs, lifestyles and traditions of civilisations and historical garden styles. Visitors to the site will venture through the Chinese Scholars Garden, the Indian Char Bagh Garden, and the Italian Renaissance Garden - just to name a few!

Gardens of Versailles, France

Garden of Versailles

Perhaps the most historical gardens of this list, The Gardens of Versailles took 40 years to complete. Surrounding the Palace of Versailles, which was home to many French Kings, these gardens have over 50 fountains, 200,000 trees, meticulously mowed lawns and 210,000 flowers planted annually. Gardens fit for a King, and now for several million visitors. 

Images from carnival, we heart it, LA times and Museum Advisor