You can now stay a night in Versace's Miami Mansion!

It’s time to take a look inside Gianni Versace’s totally ridiculous Miami Mansion, now turned boutique hotel, of course.


A look inside the hotels campy opulence might just be too much fun to resist. That’s only if you can afford the whopping $750 a night room rate! The estate, purchased by Versace in 1992 has undergone tens of millions of dollars worth of renovations, turning its 24 apartments into 10 extremely over-the-top, luxurious and utterly stunning suites. With the guest list beholding names such as Madonna and Princess Diana gracing the hallways over the years, the Villa Casa Casuarina Hotel, complete with spa services and a 24-karat gold tiled pool, is a mansion not to be missed!

Oak and amber hues in the sun soaked Signature Suite

An impressive day pool deck and stunning tiled upper terrace


Made for you, girls! Blush tones from the Aviary Suite

We wouldn't mind wasting a day away in a bedroom like this, found in the Villa Casa Casuarina Villa Suite

We'd love a swim! Oh, and the 24-karat gold tiles please

Although the Villa Casa Casuarina Hotel seems somewhat of a perfectly interior designed dream, bear in mind the murder of the Italian Designer Gianni Versace himself, took place on it’s front steps. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the mansion is haunted or not…