Avocadoeria - the bar that boasts an all avo menu

Smashed, spread, scooped or sliced - a perfectly green avo sure is a gift from the gods. And avocado aficionados in New York have just received a dreamy new culinary destination that celebrates the humble stone fruit in all its forms.

Avocadoeria in Brooklyn claims to be the "world's first avocado bar" and serves up avo in every thinkable form -  from smoothies to breakfast bowls, salads, toasts, smoothies and, naturally, guacamole. Avocadoeria's menu also ventures into the international influences, showcasing avocado in Pico de Gallo from Mexico, Shichimi from Japan (pictured below) and Duqqa from Egypt.

Shichimi Toast

All avocados are sourced organically; farmed in the Mexican state of Michoacán by a consortium of local farmers, and fairly traded to the US. Avocadoeria. Driven by the pursuit of freshness and health, the menu also utilizes an abundance of raw ingredients and non-invasive cooking techniques like sous vide.


"Why should people compromise between something healthy or something tasty?" asks Avocadoria co-owner Francesco Brachetti.

"A delicious meal can put a smile on your face and brighten your day, while eating your vegetables (or fruit in this case) will make you live longer."

Beet Hummus Toast

This is one we'll sure be adding to our culinary bucket list - in the meantime, you can lust over the Avocadoeria Instagram here.