Audi Q2 inspires artwork at Ponsonby Central

Audi has collaborated with talented Kiwi artist Gina Kiel to celebrate the launch of the Audi Q2 with an inspired piece of art on the side of Ponsonby Central. 

Kiel brought the Q2 to life and portrayed her individual style through the mind-bending and bright artwork that illuminates the simple monotonous brick wall, covering 4.8m in width and 3.6m in height.  It’s definitely not wasted space thats for sure!

audi-q2-2 (1)

The Audi Q2 itself offers a wide range of paint colours, alloy wheel designs and different coloured C-Pillar blades so customers can personalise their own ‘automobile’.  You can also jazz up the appearance more and choose from the radiant colours of yellow, orange and red to add extra specialty to the inlay, seats and stitching. 

Kiel has expressed these details through her own interpretation of the design and commented, “I was really interested in the duality of perception concept around the new Audi Q2 - how different people perceive an object differently”.

It is the first ever artwork to be commissioned by a brand in this area, which can be viewed at 6 Brown Street, Ponsonby Central - so head down and check out the vibrant visual which will only be live for at least three more weeks!

Check out the time lapse video, here: