An easy equipment-free workout with Future Co's Oz Jabur

Future Co's Oz Jabur has been sharing his home workouts with Remix readers over the past few weeks.

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See below for a recap of the exercises... 

E1: Lunges & Punches.
3 step lunges forward while throwing punches with every step (right/left). Each step lunge is counted as 1 rep. Once you’ve done 3 lunges forward, stay in the same line and conduct 3 stepping backwards. 
Re: 15s
E2: Shoot Through.
Crouch and put one hand on the floor, now shift your body weight on that arm carefully while shooting your leg from the same side through to land in front of your body. As your leg shoots in front of you lift your other arm off the ground for balance. Now repeat the same motion but with the opposite side of your body. One shoot is 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E3: Combat Crab.
Remain in a squat position and step side ways 3 times while throwing punches with every step (right/left). Now repeat with 3 side steps going the other way. Each step is counted as 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E4: Step-Jump Max.
Take a couple of steps or shuffles and then leap/jump vertically into the air as high as you can. Bring your knees to your chest. 1 jump is 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E5: 1-2-3 Combo.
Jab (lead hand), Cross (power hand), (lead hook). 3 punches is 1 rep. 
R1: Complete (5 exercises, 50 reps each)
Rest 60s and then hit another round!
TOP TIP from Oz:
"Stay hydrated, and finish off with some Vitamin C to get your immunity up."
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