A quick and easy at-home workout with Future Co's Oz Jabur

We invited Future Co's Oz Jabur to share his home workouts with Remix readers. Head to our Remix Instagram Reels page HERE to take part in his first quick and easy at-home workout to complete in lockdown! 

The best part? It's totally equipment free... except maybe a piece of fruit!

See below for a recap of the exercises...

E1: Step Shuffles.
3 forward & back step hops are counted as 1 rep. Shuffle to your other leg and repeat (rep 2). 
Re: 15s
E2: Punches.
Fast, straight and twist your knuckles in at the end. 2 punches (right/left) are counted as 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E3: Jump Squats.
Wide and low sumo stance as you come down then explosive jump straight up while bringing your feet in. 1 squat & jump is 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E4: Side-Step Uppercuts.
Move your weight from one side to the other and as your leg touches the ground throw an uppercut with the opposite arm. Each side step is 1 rep. 
Re: 15s
E5: Sprints.
On the spot, high knee sprints. Go hard, go fast! 2 knees (right/left) are counted as 1 rep. 
R1 complete. 
Re 60s and hit another round!
TOP TIP from Oz:
"Stay hydrated, and finish off with some Vitamin C to get your immunity up."
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