Airbnb's most epic offerings from across the globe

Ever fancied a night's stay inside a snowglobe? Or amongst a bounty of seashells? With more than 2.3 million listings vying for bookings on Airbnb, boring cookie-cutter accommodation is out and unconventional stays are definitely in. Personalize your next getaway with these brilliant, bizarre and blissful offerings from around the world!

Stay here: Igloo Hotel, Sweden
You'll pay:
$624 NZD per night

You'll love: The cosy atmosphere. Bust out your winter woollies and make your way to this village of igloos for one heck of a snowy Scandinavian experience. The IGLOOTEL  is crafted from ice and snow melded with modern lighting fixtures and facilities. There’s a sauna igloo, hot tub igloo and fireplace igloo, and spots to check out the Northern Lights.

Stay here: Bamboo Palace, Bali
You'll pay
: $1,193 NZD per night

You'll love: The location. Set beside Bali's sacred Ayung River is an impressive six-story structure crafted entirely from bamboo. Spacious, serene and completely comfortable, the Bamboo Palace boasts impressive woodland vistas and can sleep ten guests at a time.

Stay here: Seashell House, Mexico
You'll pay:
$449 NZD per night

You'll love: The architecture. Indulge your inner mermaid with this seashell house, located on the idyllic island paradise of the Isla Mujeres. This quirky casa boasts a private pool, two king beds located within each shell, and a myriad of shell themed fixtures throughout the inside.

Stay here: Dog Bark Park, United States
You'll pay: $186 NZD per night

You'll love: The quirkiness. For the love of everything canine, two Idaho artists have created a beagle-shaped BnB. Described as a place where “being in this doghouse is a GOOD thing”, this accommodation also features dog patterned décor, dozens of carved dogs and a library of dog-related books. Naturally, its one of Airbnb’s few “pets allowed” offerings.

Stay here: Forest bubble dome, Northern Ireland
You'll pay: $419 NZD per night

You'll love: The concept. Set in the midst of a ancient 50-acre woodland, this snow-globe style Airbnb is a true stargazers paradise. Visitors can soak up unspoiled 180-degree views from the four poster bed, or step outside to check out the forest trails, tennis courts, restaurant and marina with pedal kayaks.