Inside two American hotels that exude modern luxury

In a trip dedicated to celebrating the beauty and talent of interior decorating, The Jeremy and The Ace Hotel were perfect examples of the power of design. Décor is a tool to influence mood, emotions and comfort, through evoking modern simplicity or 70’s themes, and

environmental bohemian attitudes. introduced us to two interesting corners of the world, and we can’t wait to run back there as soon as we can. As a platform for discovery, and a point of adventure for every type of traveller, was the perfect place to find spaces that embrace the power of interior design.

The Ace Hotel & Swim Club

701 E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

8.7 ‘Fabulous’

Palm Springs is the home of free-thinkers and music-lovers. The area regularly attracts the alternative, as the birthplace of Coachella. The Ace Hotel & Swim Club embraces the historic culture of the locale and takes inspiration from Palm Springs’ expansive landscape. Environmental thinking runs through the veins of the hotel, and sustainable practices are an embedded way of life.

The décor is influenced by ‘60s and 70’s glam, where bohemia and individuality rule. Old vinyl, live music and vintage furniture fill the space, in a celebration of functionality and comfort. A key focus of The Ace Hotel was creating a space devoted to the unchanging environmental landscape, while bringing in elements of the continually changing design styles popular in American culture. The place was styled with recycled materials and low VOC paints. The walls are tent-like, handcrafted, and feature concrete floors. The Ace Hotel embraces the native flora and used the mountain views to guide the design. Hemp, butternut wood, and denim are the main textures throughout the hotel; complemented with a soothing colour palette.



The Jeremy

8490 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

8.9 'Fabulous'

West Hollywood is the home of entertainment. From the Hollywood Hills to Santa Monica, glitz, glamour and celebrity fill every corner. In a city so full of movement, finding the perfect place to stay amid the chaos can prove difficult. To find comfort and quiet, while enjoying Hollywood’s famous charm, The Jeremy was ideal. The Jeremy is more than a hotel; it’s a marriage of art, design and Hollywood culture. From its hilltop location, between La Cienega Boulevard and Sunset, we had the advantage of panoramic views across to Downtown LA and beyond.

The grandeur of The Jeremy’s exterior alludes to the modern elegance that lies inside. Culture, sophistication and ecclectism rule the décor, with hand finished walls, custom made lighting, and walnut panelling. The hotel’s towers are lit by ‘Dream Catcher’, a luminescent LED bridge of colour, designed by renowned Hollywood lighting designer, Walter Barry. The display conveys the spectacle of Hollywood and the energy of the architects.

In celebration of the area’s drama, art and music, The Jeremy hosts a number of cultural pop ups. Recently the hotel presented a Gibson Guitar installation, created in conjunction with the charity VH1 Save The Music.

The Jeremy and The Ace Hotel embodied all our favourite aspects of design. We came away from our travels with a wealth of ideas, from using more sustainable practices in our own design, to celebrating the history behind where we find ourselves.

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