The fixie-bike trend taking over urban streets

Forget the car – there’s a new transportation sensation in town. The fashionable fixie bike culture that has swept the globe is now rolling out onto New Zealand streets, courtesy of Roll Fixies.

Mount Manganui based Roll Fixies have just launched a range of fashionable, affordable fixed-gear bikes. Surely the trendiest way to get about, these bikes are loaded with street cred, environmental pluses and all the freedom that only a bike can provide.

Fixed-gear bikes have achieved worldwide urban popularity for their aesthetics, affordability and ease of maintenance. Because the rear wheel and pedals are connected through a single gear they can be coasted, backpedalled and easily darted through a maze of jammed cars at rush hour.

Roll Fixies are available in five fun colours and customisable options. Take your pick from the classic black Pango model, the clean white Uptown, turquoise Beach Bum, the ultra fresh Minti or bold orange The General.

Warrick Hill, founder of Roll Fixies, says: 'It’s time to get back to being able to enjoy the simple things in life.  We need to get on our bikes and head out.  Not just as part of your daily commute to work.  Hell, you don’t even need a destination – just peddle.'

For more information, head here or check them out on Facebook.