Say hello to a 'Whole' new era of Grab-and-Go!

Here’s a familiar picture: busy millennial rushed to their gym class this morning, had no time to prepare food, zips over to the supermarket metro during their 20-minute lunch break, and is found standing in front of the quick-food section, disappointed yet again by the lack of appealing choices.

It’s about time someone changed the game – enter The Whole Mix!

The Whole Mix is exactly the answer for time-poor, health-conscious people who are looking for easy-access food that actually tastes good.

This new 100% Kiwi owned company has developed an extensive range of tasty, nutritious grab-and-go salads and sides. The entire foodie collaboration from all over New Zealand who make up The Whole Mix prioritise sustainability and freshness, two things we can happily buy and support!


We can’t WAIT to try their spiralised vege noodles – the first of their kind on the New Zealand market and the perfect healthy alternative to their carb-loaded, nutrient lacking counterparts. Other heroes in the range include the protein-rich falafel salad and an awesome power salad. The Whole Mix has something for every taste!

We are so excited to get our hands on the whole Whole Mix range! Hectic lunchtimes just got a whole lot better! Check them out here.