7 foodie hacks to make you a better chef

It's not always easy being in the kitchen. Too often we find ourself time poor and craving convenience, resulting in a trip to the drive through instead of the supermarket.

That's where YouTube comes in, we've rounded up our top picks of how to become a genius in the kitchen, check them out below:

1. How to make pizza bases using quinoa - healthy and delicious!

- YouTube

2. How to cool drinks down faster - no more watering them down with extra ice

3. How to ripen an avocado

4. Don't throw out that stale bread just yet, it's well on it's way to becoming French toast!

5. How to keep your vegan friends happy

6. Get the most out of your waffle maker with these easy hacks

7. Make healthy eating even easier with these tricks to keep your veges in prime condition