Remix reviews: The new Ford Focus range

The Remix team got to try out three cars from Ford’s ever-popular Focus range. The RS, ST and Titanium models were all a far cry from your average hatchback. Unlike most cars of medium stature, where practicality is front-of-mind and design comes with a distinct no-frills approach, the Focus range embodies luxury. That is not to say that practicality is disregarded – but it is elevated. It comes in the form of sports suspension, safety improvements and added security.
One of the most innovative safety improvements is the Active City Stop system, which scans the road ahead, applying the brakes automatically to help avoid or minimise impact. The Focus also uses a Blind Spot Information System to alert you of potential dangers in the blind spot.
The RS is the sportiest of the trio, with an epic 2.3 litre engine. A true weapon, the Remix crew felt it made even traffic-laden Ponsonby Road feel like a race track. The incredible power and speed is complimented by racing seats and an incredibly sleek interior, which includes a voice-activated media system.
The ST is the happy medium between the incredibly sporty RS and the ultra-economical Titanium. With similar body kit, seats and overall aesthetic to the RS, and most of the grunt, you won’t lose out on excitement. You will, however, save on petrol – the ST is a decidedly more economical option.
Though not quite as racy as the ST and RS, the Titanium model is sleek and incredibly economical. However, this model still packs considerable grunt, with Sport suspension and 6-speed automatic transition. Complete with several flashy features (including a keyless entry and start, self-parking, a premium sound system, adaptive cruise control and leather upholstery) it’s also incredibly luxurious. In fact, it was dubbed by the Remix team as the ultimate road trip car.