A Summer Slice Of Pride & Joy For Remarkable "Unemployees"

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 2.32.32 PM Are you looking for a slightly more productive way to spend the summer than the same old routine? Keen to sink your ambitious teeth into something outside the box that will benefit you well beyond the sunny season? Well we have stumbled across something ‘pretty sweet’… Pride & Joy have created a business model for young, talented ‘unemployees’ to start their own business. In a nutshell it’s hands on, involving a real business and real money. We’ve really got your attention now, huh? Backed by the BNZ Bank, ‘unemployees’ can start their own profitable business at a very low cost. The model is based around a low cost, world-class product, and something New Zealand will take to the world. The concept behind Pride & Joy, created by Tony Balfour and James Coddington, is that there are so many unemployed people in New Zealand, and the world over, with remarkable talent and a drive to work hard. Whether they’ve just left university with a degree, or they’ve been made redundant over the economic downturn, they are full of potential. However, they don’t have the opportunity or the platform in which to focus their ambitious energy. The guys behind Pride & Joy are helping with a hand up, not a hand out. Check out the video below for more information... then keep reading, it gets better! Pride & Joy provides the springboard from which unemployed or underemployed Kiwis can spring. For an investment of $30,000, either paid outright or $0 down thanks to a partnership with BNZ, budding entrepreneurs receive a mobile silver pod, a consented location, exceptionally tasty ice cream, a point-of-sale, infrastructure, training and ongoing support, mentoring and the ability to get both short and long term goals rolling. In short… investors receive the foundation on top of which they can build a future, and the sky is the limit. Tony Balfour and James Coddington, both hugely successful businessmen in their own right prior to Pride & Joy, dreamt up the concept in order to see New Zealand making the most of underutilised Kiwi talent. “The world is full of talented young people being held back by red tape, a risk-averse business environment and an education system that teaches people how to think and not ‘do’,” says James Coddington, former CEO of NZSki Ltd (which includes Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt). “If you’re unemployed, underemployed (in a dead end job which you hate), interested in starting your own business, and have the right attitude, we can help.” Pride & Joy also invests a percentage of sales annually into the JOY foundation, a scheme to fund up to five podster’s gigantic business ideas every year (like a Dragon’s Den type scenario). Does this sound like you? If you are awesome and don’t have a job (or if your boss in your existing job doesn’t know how awesome you are) then go along and check out the first recruitment day this Sunday 24th November at the PWC Building on 188 Quay Street, Auckland Central, from 9am to 12pm. And make sure your follow Pride & Joy online. These guys are super social... Official website Facebook Twitter Instagram