New York's new Willy Wonka experience

Holy mother of yum - the Big Apple just acquired the most palatable attraction. We’re talking 5,000 square-feet of cocoa bean-scented, mouth-watering heaven: and probably the most enticing educational experience on the planet.

Choco-story is the Soho District’s new chocolate museum: an establishment created to uncover the rich origins and wonders of the humble confectionery and to share how the sweet treat has become so broadly beloved. And it takes chocolate seriously - really seriously.

Visitors can indulge in tastings of nine premium chocolates whilst exploring the artifacts used in the origins of chocolate - including the pottery and knives used to share the treat throughout traditional human sacrifices in Ecuador 3500BC. There’s a New York skyline created entirely out of chocolate and demonstrations of Mayan hand-grinding techniques.

Hands-on learners can dig for chocolate objects in a huge sandpit or roll up their sleeves to create different chocolate creations with their own choice of fillings.

Choco-Story is the brainchild of legendary chocolatier Jacqes Torres, who has earned the title of Mr Chocolate in the USA. The museum is located within his own, immensely popular chocolate shop at 350 Hudson Street.

For more info, check out Jacques Torres website here