10 ways to be motivated for work after the holidays

Now that you’re changing your ‘out of office’ back to available (sigh), it’s time to switch from your ‘kini’s to your best boss gear. 

Getting back into excel spreadsheets and endless meetings can be a shock to the system with no mimosa in hand, so to help you soothe your back-to-work blues, here’s the ultimate  Back To Work guide to get you motivated and get.on.that.hustle! 

If you made it through 2020, nothing can get in your way - 2021 is yours to own.

Set out a routine

This is so crucial when going back to work or studies! Have a planner with you and write out your morning to night routine. Whether it’s going to the gym at 6 AM or simply going to sleep by 11 PM - you’ll feel so ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Our advice? Set google calendar alerts to remind you and keep you in check.

Meal prep 

Knowing what you’re going to be having for lunch helps a ton when it comes to going back to the office. Instead of stressing over it in the morning, how about planning ahead? Try starting with planning three meals in a working week. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to achieve this - a simple sammie with your favourite fillings can often be the go! Or branch out and pop all your salad ingredients (sans dressing) into a large mason jar, then as the clock strikes 12, add the dressing and mix it up… I’ll have my salad shaken, not stirred thanks.

Dress like a boss

I’ll tell you right now that if you plan your outfits ahead of time, you’re going to look and feel great the next day. Why not dress like the boss that you are? Plan accordingly. Set 20 minutes aside to put together some chic-fits for the week, simply looking fresh and professional can do wonders to your productivity. 

Work efficiently

Long hours do not necessarily mean you’re working efficiently. See how you can do things quicker yet effectively. Work SMARTER, not harder. Talk with your colleagues and ask how they do things differently. Often, sharing different skill sets can be helpful for you and for the company. After all, we’re all still learning, right?

Hustle and power though

Those first Monday back feels can be tough. It’ll probably feel like the longest day of the year. Any task that comes your way feels like a drag, but the trick is to power through it. Give yourself a deadline for when you need the task to be completed and prioritise what’s important and what’s not. If that’s still too hard, set yourself a reward for when you complete it: a walk around the block in the sun, a treat from the corner shop or even a spot of online shopping.

Make to-do lists

Start your day with a to-do list. The key here is to prioritise what’s most important. What do you need to get done this week? And what’s a priority for today? Some people find starting with the least important tasks and getting them out the way clears their mind. 

Create the perfect workspace

An obvious one. Having a messy desk is not going to help you work better, darling. A desk should only contain your necessities. Your computer, diary, a water bottle should be the key ingredients to a clean workspace. Maybe pop a plant to make you feel refreshed but your paperwork from 2020 is not going to help you get through the day - and nobody wants to be reminded of that sh*t show...

Know your limit

The biggest mistake you can make is taking on work you know you can’t get done in time. No one knows how much you have on your plate, so, learn to say “no”. I learnt this the hard way, but, once you know your limit and let the team know what you can and cannot do, you’ll save yourself and your team from uncompleted projects!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Your colleagues are your friends. It’s ok to ask for help when you need it and plus, you’re all in the same team! Work together to get things done.

Rest is best

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your full hours of sleep. Set an alarm for when you need to go to sleep and stick to it! You do not want to be dead-tired and dragging yourself throughout the day. If you’re finding it hard to switch off at night, take some magnesium an hour before bed, it will naturally calm your body and mind.