Airbnb’s newest addition: a floating paradise

Literally floating off the coast of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, Airbnb has set a whole new standard with their pontoon rental. This magical apartment floats not only above the world’s largest coral reef, it allows their guests to literally jump out of their sheets and into the world of tropical fish and underwater wonders.

Accommodating up to 4 people, this beautiful apartment includes 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, perfect for a relaxing getaway. There are no windows so you’ll fall asleep to the sound of the gentle lapping waves, wake up to the sun crossing the surface of the water and the best part? The only neighbours you’ll have are the 30 species of whales and dolphins that share the area.

Unfortunately, the pontoon apartment is only listed on the site for a limited time. The listing is a one-off to promote Finding Dory. We might just have to marvel at it via the internet for now.

Here are some stunning photos that make us wish we were there: