'Zodiac' by Karen Walker launches today!

Each season, we eagerly anticipate the launch of Karen Walker's newest bejewelled offering, and every time we are far from disappointed. 

If you haven't spotted one of Karen Walker Jewellery's signature pieces adorning the finger/neck/wrist/earlobes of your best friend/sister/mum/work colleague, then you must be operating in the wrong social circles. 

We were massively impressed by her recent Arrows collection, an iconic symbol that has become synonymous with the popular Kiwi label, but her latest offering boasts symbols of an entirely different kind. 

'Zodiac' is a collection of all 12 astrological signs, delicately crafted in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold pendants. 

With stargazing and astrological findings peaking in popularity, the collection is representative of the chaos and excitement spurred by the planetary alignments this past year. 

Making easy work of birthday gift shopping, each Zodiac, from Aquarius to Scorpio, represents the astrological path for the wearer throughout 2017. 

The best part? Zodiac launches in store and online today (March 1). 

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