90s basketball styles becomes high fashion

The 1990s is a decade that has been making a comeback around the aesthetic edges for the last few years. Whether you’re excited, shocked or horrified about this re-emergence, 90s fashion has made its mark in the 21st Century and has captured the attention of a critical mass. 

Converse has jumped on the bandwagon, resurfacing the sneakers that epitomised the over-the-top basketball culture of the 90s. Unearthed from the dusty archives and reimagined for 2019, the VLTG and ERX sneakers reflect contemporary craft and are nostalgic of a much-loved era. 

Originally released in 1995, the Converse Voltage (VLTG) made a lasting impression on the NBA courts, bringing with it a dramatic cult following. But for 2019, the electricity of the iconic VLTG is being surged through a new, women’s only Mission VLTG V. Converse has utilised the bolt-chevron pattern, also featured on new versions of the Chuck 70 and Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The vision of this shoe reinterprets the ‘95 silhouette with an exaggerated heel arch, lightweight SmartFoam cushioning and street-ready herringbone outsole.  


Several elements of the bygone's sportswear history are reflected in both new iterations of the ERX, including an early penchant for tracksuits. The colour blocking of the ERX 260 MID embraces bold geometries, drawing from the blocked colour palettes of Converse's tracksuit label “CONS Collection” sold in the early 90s. Complete with an OrthoLite insole cushioning and an embossed tongue, these shoes celebrate the ERX’s over-the-top verve. 


Retaining its archival design cues, the ERX 260 Ox gets a low-cut, off-court refresh for 2019. Thirty years later, the ERX has been born again with an equal balance of bulk and tech, channelling the valiant attitude and style of basketball culture today.