The jewellery collection full of magic, colour and fun

With Christmas literally just around the corner, the frantic rush to buy last minute yet quality gifts for everyone on your list has begun. And whether it's your mum, little sister, or grandpa, there's always one person who is hard to buy for. While we can't help you decide on the perfect gift for everyone, we can introduce you to the Electric Unicorn jewellery collection. It's colourful, fun and bright making it the perfect gift for your teenage sister, young cousin or a fun-loving jewellery wearer. 

Nick von K, Auckland's rock 'n roll jeweller, has taken a turn to the colourful side with this magical collection. Inspired by all things girly and fun, this collection will make her feel like she's a part of a magical fairytale. From blue stars and pink hearts to purple unicorns and green lightning bolts, the Electric Unicorn tale is brought to life with each delicate, yet high-quality, sterling silver and enamel piece. Tucked inside each jewellery box is the Electric Unicorn story - the wonderful story which she is invited to become a part of. 

There's no doubt Christmas is a magical time of the year for all, but with a piece from this adorable collection, she will feel magical all year round. 

Check out the colourful collection here