Suit up with Hallensteins: Presenting the new premium H Brothers Black Label Suit

Suits are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, even if it’s a matter of only owning one. For guys looking to have a suit on hand for every savvy occasion, Hallensteins have just dropped their limited edition H Brothers Black Label suit.   Made with a preoccupation for fit and feel, the H Brothers Black Label suit is incredibly slick in appearance and made with premium materials. When we say premium, we mean premium. We’re talking 110 super fine merino wool, sleek horn buttons and a melton wool under-collar. This baby is going to last a while.   Another bonus is that the H Brothers Black Label suit is only around for a limited time, so you won’t see it on every Tom, Dick and Harry. Head along now to pick one up… you’ll be one of the few that has it! Don’t muck around though, they’re going to sell out pretty quick.   Hallensteins have always been a fashion forward one-stop shop for guys – a default drop-in ahead of almost any occasion. It’s great to see Hallensteins hooking up the lads by nailing another epic release.   The H Brothers Black Label suit is available at selected Hallensteins stores now, as well as online here   Dean_REMIX