We chat to The Diamond Shop about the world’s most precious investment 

We are living in a new era of investment, where gold bars, stocks and art ownership is easily rivalled by NFT’s, designer handbags, property and most romantically, jewellery.

A combination of the above is a surefire way to get ahead in futureproofing your assets, but it's investing in jewellery that captures hearts. We’re all familiar with the cinematic tales of treasure hunters setting out on near-impossible journeys collecting gold and royal jewels from overflowing chests, but the modern-day version of that is much simpler.

This new movement of investing in precious metals and gemstones is more accessible and delightful for both men and women than what you see in fairytales.

The Diamond Shop’s Sera Cruickshank explains, “Jewellery is one of the few investments that you get to wear and is designed to be treasured forever, the longevity and quality of fine jewellery pieces perfectly symbolizes the emotional and sentimental value of significant times, events and memories. We all know that precious metals and gemstones can retain their value, which is why people invest in them alone quite frequently. Luckily, even if the piece goes out of style, the materials themselves can generally be salvaged or melted down.” 


With an extensive history of creating beautiful investment pieces for their clients, Sera recalls one in particular that stands out and wouldn’t look amiss within a bountiful treasure chest, “We created a 20 ct round brilliant solitaire which is still here in New Zealand. It was sold for $1m NZD at the time and would be worth much more than that now.” But it’s not just diamonds that are worth investing in, Sera continues “All jewellery offers different levels of value - be it monetary, sentiment and so on. If someone is looking for significant growth from a financial aspect then they would need to be considering very rare coloured mined diamonds and certain gemstones, a Ruby, for example.”