Get hyped for summer with the Remix Hype girls

The humble sneaker is an always-on trend. Whether you’re wearing a midi dress, slouchy boyfriend jeans, or denim cut-offs, the sneaker is infinitely versatile. Over the years, we’ve definitely been through a rollercoaster of trends, from classic white adidas Stan Smiths, the timeless Dr Martens, to the retro dad kicks. 


To celebrate summer, Remix and Hype DC handpicked three inspiring, young Kiwi women to kick on their favourite pair of Hype shoes and tell us a little about themselves. 

Meet our Hype girls - Mera, Emma, and Sisi - each is an individual in their own right, but all share a common spirit that unites them. They all have a unique story, a strong sense of self and a genuine passion for sneakers.


Mera T. wears Nike footwear from Hype DC

Giving strong modern-day Matrix vibes in all black, our Hype girl Mera paired her Nike BLAZER MID ‘77 with a leather set. “I’m a Gemini, I love to wear black and these are my favourite Nikes” -Mera. 


Emma Sofie wears Reebok footwear from Hype DC

A very sleek staple-wear. Emma has styled her Reebok Classic Club C 85 with a tartan, summery maxi dress perfect for the warmer weather. How divine does she look? “I love a good dad sneaker and I’m slowly building up my collection.” - Emma.


Sisi AKA Siposetu wears Dr. Martens from Hype DC

Going for that chill streetwear vibe, Sisi is wearing the classic black Dr Martens that never go out of fashion, styled with a black crop and casual sweats. It’s the perfect look for all the upcoming music festivals this summer!“I love my Docs because you can wear them with anything.” - Sisi


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