10 style lessons from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

There's no doubt that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have gone in leaps and bounds, from their days as child actors starring in the likes of It Takes Two, The Parent Trap and of course Full House, to their award-winning designer status today. Their brand The Row has won the CFDA Womenswear award, and the twins’ second label, Elizabeth and James, is hot on its tail. The sisters have a unique, classic yet quirky style and have gathered a huge fashion-following since they were young. We think we can most certainly learn a thing (or ten!) from MK&A.


1) Stay True to Your Style
Yes, we love to stay tuned with what’s in fashion, but the most important thing is to wear what is loyal to your own style. The Olsens have developed a distinct personal look over the years, and avoided the trends you might look back on in a couple of years’ time with a grimace! Their statement look includes an all-black ensemble, messy hair, and oversized proportions.


2) Wear Oversized Everything (seriously, everything).
Don’t be scared of huge proportions! Even on their tiny frames, the Olsens always look great because they tailor large shapes to fit their bodies. Keep hemlines at the wrists and ankles cropped and draw the outfit in at the waist and voilà! It’s easier than it seems.


3) Dress Classy
The Olsen twins are never caught in tight-fitting, short, or low-neckline attire. Instead, they opt for a timeless elegance with longer hemlines (which we think is far sexier anyway).

4) Go All Out!
People will respect you for it. We definitely respect Mary-Kate and Ashley for their jaw-dropping, sweeping dresses they wore at the 2014 Met Gala. Mary-Kate (left) wears vintage Chanel and Ashley wears vintage Gianfranco Ferré.


5) Wear Vintage
Find interesting, one-off pieces that will make your outfit ten times cooler. Jackets and clutches are a great start for a newbie (or the shy), but a dress can go even further. So get out there and get op shopping!


6) Accessorize.
As my mum tells me to no end, if there’s one thing that finishes an outfit, it’s accessories. Cover your fingers with rings or put on some statement earrings, don your best sunnies (oversized, always), and carry the coolest, most interesting clutch bag you own.


7) Don’t be Afraid of Masculine Styles
Ah, we love the 21st Century, where women can wear suits and nobody thinks twice! Some women still shy away from masculine shapes, but it is important to know that the suit is possibly one of the most classic, sexy and empowering outfits a woman can wear. An easier way to take heed of menswear is to pair cropped, tailored pants with a dress shirt (which the Olsens have done many-a-time).


8) Coordinate Outfits
Gosh damn, they always look so good together. Coordinate your outfit with your bestie before going out on the town and you will be sure to get noticed. It really does take two!


9) Wear All-Black Errything
It never goes out of fashion, and the Olsens have proved it never gets dull either. Black is the key-stone to the twins’ classic, mature style. Wearing all one colour also gives you more of a chance to focus on playing with proportions and textures.


10) Make Casual Glam
Wear loose, tailored pants with heels and a jumper and you are good to go. Casual does not have to be boring!

Words by Chantelle Murray
Sources: popsugar.com, elle.com, vogue.com, whowhatwear.com.