Louis Vuitton's 'Volez, Voguez, Voyagez' lands in New York

The world of Louis Vuitton has embarked on a travelling expedition and has most recently landed in Lower Manhattan, New York. The celebrated luxury brand is known for their monogram trunks and bags that have become an essential for any traveler who aspires to be fashionable. 

‘Volez,Voguez, Voyagez’ is an expedition tracing through the great history of the fashion house, to showcase a visual chronicle of the brand since originating in 1854 to what it has become today. 

Master curator Oliver Salliard (who is also a historian) has been creating an exhibition dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s 163-year history for more than two years. The archives range from those of the founding family to those who are creating the Louis Vuitton you will see tomorrow. 

In New York, the expansive exhibition takes up two floors of the American Stock Exchange building and has been filled in luxurious style with trinkets, trunks, Oscar gowns and couture dresses. To date, the fashion house has archived 23,000 objects.

The exhibition has so far travelled from Paris’s Grand Palais, to Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, Korea, and now to New York City where it will take up residence until January 2018. 

For those of us who cant quite jet over to New York, there's a photographic album that serves to be the next best thing. The title follows the expedition name, ‘Volez,Voguez’Voyagez’ and you can pick up your copy from Book Depository.

(Images supplied from Grand Palais, Les Facons & Louis Vuitton)