Introducing Arlo: Changing the way you look at jewellery

Arlo FB with Remix Forget clichés and cheap bling, new jewellery brand Arlo gives you jewellery with soul. Born in New Zealand and produced both at home and in New York, Arlo focuses on making quality jewellery the norm. A cool geometric theme runs through all of Arlo’s designs, something which comes naturally to their designer, who has a background in Architecture. The new range, titled ‘Wanderlust’, is a collection inspired by nature, wildlife, and adventure – think beautiful wanderlust compasses and planet earth necklaces. To help launch them into the fashion world, Arlo are running a kickstarter campaign where supporters of the cause will have access to exclusive early bird pricing on their premier release and everyone that pledges $20 or more will be rewarded with an exclusive Arlo product and a VIP ticket to the launch party. You’re basically buying something cool at the same time as helping out a local label and getting a fun night out! The launch evening will be held on October 29th, which we’ll be attending – and you can too! We’re giving away two VIP tickets and the Deer Antler Ring – shown below, so that you can wear a piece of new season Arlo on the night. Head over to our Facebook page here for more Arlo FB with Remix To see Arlo’s kickstarter campaign with all their early-bird prices head here