Three new and unexpected famous faces of Dior Homme

While some fashion designers were focused solely on millenials, Dior Homme took an entirely different approach for their latest spring campaign - looking to a diverse lineup of famous faces to front its collection. 

Spanning across multiple generations, Creative director Kris Van Assche looked to New Romantics icon Boy George, Mr. Robot actor Rami Malek, model Ernest Klimko and rapper A$AP Rocky to star in the ads, as photographed by Willy Vanderperre. 

Shot in a studio, Boy George and Rami Malek look brooding and mysterious as they pose in the new season collection. A$AP Rocky, however, roams the Parisian streets for his second campaign for the brand, after featuring in Dior Homme's Fall 2016 campaign also. 

With such notable celebrities fronting the brand, it seemed only natural for Dior Homme (@diorhomme) to take this opportunity to showcase the incredible campaign imagery by launching their own Instagram account. As if you needed another account to follow... 

Check out the new season Dior Homme campaign below: