The most regrettable fashion trend of the 00s

Of all the disastrous turmoil that was 00 fashion, the trend that I simply refuse to get over is the useless belt. 


There’s no denying that the 00s gave way to a tonne of horrifying fashion trends, whether it was a skirt over jeans or trucker caps, we can all agree on one sweeping statement; it wasn’t good. 


But by far the worst concept to come from that decade was the useless belt. Not to be confused with a USEFUL belt, one which is strategically placed over a poufy dress to draw in the waist. That makes sense. But what about… over a fitted shirt.

Yes, we still have the memory of us wearing huge belts around tops that in no way shape or form needed cinching, etched into our brains. 


These belts served no purpose except to restrict our breathing to the shallowest of levels. Regardless, here’s Lindsay wearing one to court: 

This is one of the less offensive variations, but still, Kelly, that’s a business shirt? It’s also a little unsettling when paired with jeans… like her hips are under her boobs or something. 

This one from Ness is slightly better, but confusing nonetheless. 

Looks like Hilary took a leaf out of Lindsay’s book for this Joel Madden appearance. 

Wait, what’s going on here? I might be mistaken, but has she looped a belt through a jacket that is already done up?

Also from a known repeat offender below:

And finally, the piece-de-resistance, the material belt. We all owned one (shout out to supre for supplying us one in literally every colour). 

May we pray that we never see this trend resurface.